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At Unique Pest Control, our mission is to protect your home from these costly, damaging pests by inspecting, eliminating, and preventing termites from making a meal of your home.

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Unlike your common house pests, termites can cause costly damage to your home. Since your home is your biggest investment, you should have the right protection. Our professional termite treatment services take all the necessary steps to make sure we rid the infrastructure of your home of every last termite.

At Unique Pest Management, we examine every surface inside and outside your home, including stumps and trees, looking for these common pests.

Termite Control Treatment

What makes Suburban Pest Control stand out from the rest is our specialization in termite control. Our extensive knowledge of the subject allows us to use more aggressive treatment plans to quickly eliminate your termite infestation. This includes the use of  above ground bait stations, which allows us to take the bait to the termites, rather than waiting for the termites to find the bait.

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Termites are never Sleep. Every year, They inflict more than 5 billion Dollar Worth Property damage according to the national pest management Association. Termite species have existed on earth for over 250 million years. The largest termite colony contained over three million termites. A termites queen can live 15 to 25 years and lay an egg every 15 seconds. One more thing, Termites damages not Covered in home insurance Also. Book a free Inspection Call Us: 9941916916 , Unique Pest Termite Control Service in chennai


Termite Protection:

Most common species of termite in the living area is the Subterranean termite. Because this species builds tunnels into your home, a colony is able to cause significant termite damage before the infestation is ever found. One of the most obvious signs of a termite problem is the presence of “mud tunnels”. These tunnels are created on the outside of your home’s support and infrastructure to keep the termites moist while moving from one area to another. More noticeable signs of damage include:


  • Damage to wood
  • Swollen floors or ceilings
  • Skirting and architraves
  • Sagging/buckling floors
  • Exploratory tubes
  • Window reveals and frames

Frequently Asked Questions

PreConstruction – Anti Termite Treatment
Unique Pest Control in Chennai, is the best pest control and anti-termite treatment provider in all over south India. With our advanced methodologies and modern techniques, we provide the most efficient and pocket-friendly new construction pest control solutions, reticulated termite treatment, anti-termite treatment and other such treatments for pest and termite problems.
Stage 1 – Termite Treatment – While Constructing
Stage – 1: (Bottom and sides of the trenches of Foundation)

The first stage i.e. Anti termite treatment to the foundation is carried out after the excavation of the trenches is complete. The bottom surface and the sides (up to a height of about 1 foot) should be treated with the chemical emulsion made chemicals listed above at recommended concentrations. Masonry foundations and basements should be treated with the chemical emulsion of the surface area.
Stage 2 – Termite Treatment – While Constructing
Stage – 2: (Plinth Filling Treatment)

The top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth walls shall be treated with a chemical emulsion of the surface before the stone bed or sub-grade is laid.
Stage 3 – Termite Treatment – While Constructing
Stage – 3: (External perimeter Treatment)

After the completion of the building, the soil along the external perimeter of the building should be Roding at intervals of 15 cm and to a depth of 30 cm. By the forward and backward movement of steel rod break up the soil and anti-termite chemical be poured along the wall of the vertical surface area. This forms a chemical barrier for termites in soil.


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