Bed Bugs Control

Our bed bug exterminators use modern, innovative bed bug treatments that are chemical-free and eco-friendly

How We Can Help?

Bed bugs are one of the most uncomfortable pest control problems to have, and we understand just how stressful a bed bug infestation can be. That’s why we created our Bed Bug Prevention program.

They are blood sucking insects and humans are their preferred host. Female bed bugs will deposit anywhere from one to five eggs each day and could potentially deposit up to 500 eggs within their lifetime. These eggs are very small and are not easily detected. Once the instar emerges, however, the first thing they are looking for is a blood meal.

Bed Bug Removal Process

Bed bugs can be scary. That is why we created a strategy that allows us to safely and efficiently get rid of your bed bug problem for good! When you work with Unique Pest Control for bed bug removal, you can expect,

  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Inspection
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

One of our trusted bed bug exterminators will vacuum the mattress, box spring, cracks, and crevices with our top-notch HEPA vacuum system, allowing us to get 99.7% of pests removed, including cast skins, nymphs, and loose eggs that may block the complete penetration of pesticide application.


Bed Bug Treatment:

When treating the area affected by bed bugs, our educated, experienced exterminators complete a very thorough process. Our process allows us to eradicate bed bugs from your home in the most efficient manner possible, either through our spray, thermal, or steam treatments. When treating the affected area, our bed bug exterminators may treat:


  • Bed frames, box springs, and mattresses.
  • Outlet covers, switch plates, and wall voids
  • Headboards, nightstands, and all other furniture in the affected area
  • Carpet edges, door saddles, doorjambs, and closets
  • Curtain rods and window frames

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Vapor – Bed Bug Treatment
Steam vapor allows our exterminators to provide bed bug treatment with deeper penetration. The high temperatures of the vapor will destroy any eggs that have been deposited into the carpet edges, box spring, and mattress in an efficient manner.
Chemical – Bed Bug Treatment
Bed Bug Treatments over chemicals because of how effective this type of treatment is. When your home is heated to over 240 degrees, all the adult bed bugs and their eggs will be effectively killed. With chemical treatments, it’s normal for bed bug eggs to hatch two to three weeks post-treatment and, if you’re not prepared, you can have another infestation on your hands.


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